Tuesday, 3 September 2013

GAA Sports Watches - Wear your County's Colours all the time - Great Gifts!

With #allIreland fever approaching it's climax, supporters of the finalists are looking forward to a very exciting match. In the senior football final, Dublin (#dublinGAA) will face Mayo (#mayoGAA) in what promises to be a very exciting match on Sunday 22nd September. This follows Dublin's semifinal win against arch-rival Kerry on Sunday 1st September, where two late goals in the closing minutes put Dublin out in front. 
Dublin Supporter's Watch

Dedicated #GAA fans will be wearing their county colours, decorating their cars and even their houses. On match day, many will paint their faces. Before that day, and after that day, wearing the county colours is a great tradition, and now fans can show their support for their county by wearing a watch in their county colours. Pride Watches have introduced high quality, waterproof, silicone sports watches with a 12 month guarantee. So much easier than painting your face, and more acceptable at work or at school :)

Mayo Supporter's Watch

These sports watches make great gifts for both children and adults and can be bought on-line.
Support your county, feel the passion, and enjoy the clash.
Dublin Supporter's Watch

Watches are available not just for Dublin and Mayo, but also for all 32 counties.

Sports watches for supporters of all 32 counties.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Organic Skincare Irish Gifts

As Irish gifts, made in County Kerry, Ireland, this range of certified organic skincare products will be sure to delight. Available as individual products, or packaged as bodycare and facecare gift hampers, these top quality natural products will be a real thrill to receive and will give long lasting benefit and joy to those who receive them. They are produced by a qualified aromatherapist, who uses them in her own aromatherapy practice. She found it very hard to find natural skincare products which were also affordable, and so started researching the area herself and has come up with this wonderful range. Free from petrochemicals and artifical fragrances. Only the best natural organic ingredients will do in these Irish Gifts. To see this range of Organic Skincare Irish Gifts and to purchase, click here.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

4 Euro per week can create 6,000 new jobs

The Guaranteed Irish organisation is, this Christmas, urging people to Buy Irish. In its "Shop for Ireland" campaign, it states that for every extra 4 Euro per week spent on Irish-made goods, 6,000 new Irish jobs are created.
Shops selling Christmas gifts are stocking their shelves high with imported soaps, shampoos, cosmetics and jewellery. But stop for a moment and think about the craftmen and women who produce top quality Irish-made gifts in these categories. They are on the knife-edge of survival at the moment.
Shouldn't we review our "brand loyalty" to the big international brands. We buy them out of habit now. Wouldn't it be better for Ireland (and long term for each of us indirectly) to favour the smaller Irish producers instead? Can we do that?

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Irish-made Gifts

If you are looking for gift ideas this Christmas, please consider choosing Irish-made gifts.
By choosing an Irish-made gift you will be supporting Irish craftsmen and women who are keeping craft skills alive. Many of these skills are at risk of being lost in this mass-produced, price-is-all-that-matters age. Such skills have been handed down through the generations, and have been sustained by paying customers who value the amount of personal effort that goes into making each piece. Do try and buy at least one Irish-made gift this Christmas. The quality is second to none, and the gift will be greatly appreciated by the person you give it to for years to come.

For more, check out our growing selection at Irish-made gifts on giveagift.ie.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Baby Gifts

Check out the Baby Gifts category on www.giveagift.ie.
There you will find some great baby presents which will stimulate many of baby's senses:
Touch - different textures, shapes and movement
Sight - attractive and varied colours to engage baby's visual attention
Sound - shake and move the rattle to see if they can follow the sound

There are also some great baby books with engaging shapes and pop-ups to help them get into the story with more than their ears.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Give a Gift

Give a Gift, through its website http://www.giveagift.ie provides a central place for gift seekers to find great gift ideas. With Christmas coming, our Christmas presents category will help you find something seasonal. Buying for a boy or man? Check out our gifts for him category. If its a woman or a girl you are buying for, then don't miss the gifts for her category.

We also have a category for Irish Gifts, many of which are hand-crafted in Ireland by skilled Irish craftsmen and women.

Give a gift, by giveagift.ie
Sure to delight.